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Introducing the SWiTCH "Infinity Program" offered through your Chamber of Commerce. 


Chamber members act now and save 10-20% on your natural gas portion of your utility bill.


It's remarkable...you save and SWiTCH gives back to your chamber.



Did you know that businesses can buy their natural gas from someone

other than Excel or Source Gas? As a commercial user, if you aren't taking advantage

of this program, you are paying too much.


It's true!

No out of pocket expense, let us show you the savings.

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Source Gas contract details restrict this opportunity, by requiring notification to Source Gas of the potential SWiTCH in natural providers before Feb 15th 2016.  There is NO obligation attached to this notification as it is a formality of the Public Utility Company (PUC).  A SWiTCH Energy Adviser will complete this process for you.



SWiTCH offers Chamber Members the following benefits:

  • Members save 10%-20% off their natural gas bill
  • Members can choose to lock their gas price for two years, or ride the index pricing
  • SWiTCH does the work, from the phone line to meter installation. 


This is how SWiTCH helps your Chamber:

  • SWiTCH supports the Chamber with payments, based upon each member's gas usage
  • SWiTCH works with each Chamber member and takes care of the conversion process



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