Governmental Affairs Council (GAC)

The Governmental Affairs Council (GAC) is made up of up to eleven individuals that will assist the Chamber of Commerce to influence government policy development at the city, school district, county, and state level.

Objectives of the GAC have included these tasks and more: 
  • Develop a pool of volunteers to serve on task forces created by the GAC Steering Committee 
  • Develop a communication process with the City of Montrose and Montrose County to address critical issues facing the business community 
  • Develop strategic alliances with the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI), Club 20, the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, and other Western Slope business associations to encourage and support pro-business legislation and oppose anti-business legislation 
  • Develop and publish a legislative policy handbook for distribution to the membership, the elected officials, and strategic partners
Governmental Affairs Council Members
 Bob Brown, Around the Corner Art Gallery - Chair Ben Alexander, Colorado West Property Management
 Dennis Lambert, Lambert & Associates Jim Austin
Lance Michaels, US Bank  Scott Beyer, Scott's Printing & Graphic Design
 Steve Savoy, Best Signs Brad Oberto, VectraBank
 Scott Stryker, Ridgeway Valley Enterprises  

Interested Individuals

If you are interested in serving on the GAC or a task force, please contact Jenni Sopsic at 970-249-5000