Kendra Dorr - Chair

Kendra Dorr

Kendra Dorr is a native Coloradoan having found her happy place in Montrose. Recognizing the great gifts that the Montrose community has provided her, Kendra now looks for way to give back to the community professionally and personally. She views her commitment to the Montrose Chamber of Commerce, and its mission, as part of this give-back mentality.

Kendra is the Assistant Marketing Manager at the Center for Mental Health and one of the figures in the Center’s recent re-branding campaigns. She has used her level of stick-to-itiveness to rise up through the entity and into various leadership roles. Kendra majored in art and graphic design and she uses her artistic ability to create marketing tools which are uniquely aesthetic, particularly for the medical field. As the Montrose Chamber of Commerce commences its own sense of re-purposing and physical relocation, Kendra expects to lend useful experience to the Board based on previous re-branding involvement.

Kendra firmly believes in loyalty and she applies this attribute in her professional life as her sole focus when on the job at the Center is promotion of the entity for its overall benefit. Kendra’s loyalty will extend to the Chamber Board because promotion of commerce in Montrose will undoubtedly lead to community betterment; a community which has extended its friendliness and sincerity to Kendra, allowing her to continue building her family and her career in this wonderful location."