Juliet Carr, Executive Director

Juliet Carr, Ezecutive Director

Juliet Carr is the Executive Director at the Montrose Chamber. Mrs. Carr worked for the Chamber many years ago as the Executive Assistant. Her degree in Business Administration and Management was earned from the Montrose Campus of what was Mesa State College. She loves Montrose, and is passionate about the Chamber’s mission and is excited to be an asset for the Montrose Community and the Chamber of Commerce.

Professionally she founded AttemptedSuicideHelp.com and authored the book Attempted Suicide: The Essential Guidebook for Loved Ones and the upcoming book Attempted Suicide: Answers From People Who Have Attempted.

Personally, Juliet is a spunky irreverent sort of gal whose soul is at home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She is fiercely loyal and married to a 5th generation Montrose County resident named Joel; they have three children; Bryce, Mallory, and Braydon (they are all loved by her deeply). Juliet longs for the sun, believes in equality for all, and is a mental health advocate. She enjoys reading, having her hands in soil and adventuring out of doors. Cooking, baking, and spoiling rescue animals, family and friends alike are a few things she excels at.