Janine Rusnak, Member Ambassador

Janine Rusnak

Janine Rusnak, is a transplant from northeast Ohio. She moved here originally in 2007 to become the news director for a local radio station. Currently, she runs her own online publication called The Navigator. The Navigator comes out every Friday morning via email and lists events from all over the Western Slope. "I really wanted one central location where people could see what was going on in their town and neighboring towns," Janine said. The Navigator is a fun, light-hearted publication that includes a recipe, a joke, and a sports page. 

Janine is married to the love-of-her-life, Erik, and they have two boys (Ben & Evan). They live in their fixer-upper country home with their dog, Zuma, and five cats (Gyro, Samantha, Peep, Kitty, & Sherbet). They enjoy hiking, the hot springs, traveling, festivals, camping, the dog park, working around the house, bbq'ing, going to the park, playing in the snow, and sightseeing.

Being social and active is what Janine loves. She has been a member of the Montrose Chamber of Commerce Redcoats since 2009 and is currently serving as president. She is also the president of the Montrose Professional Network. In previous years she has been a member of the Montrose County Sheriff's Posse, a member of the Underage Drinking and Drug Taskforce, and a member of the formerly named Montrose Meth Coalition.