Financial Reality Fair

Reality Fair 2017

At the Montrose Chamber of Commerce we know no matter where your future takes you, money is a huge player in the game of life! We want YOU to be prepared and not blind-sided by avoidable financial pitfalls. The reality fair is literally “a month in the life” of an adult with a career, so we are showing you the major expenses that you will likely face every month after completing any higher education and entering the “Rat Race.”

There are 11 different types of booths that will be set up and marked in the gym: Housing, Utilities, Clothing, Health and Nutrition, Luxury and Leisure, Charity, Insurance, Savings and Retirement, Transportation, and Public Service. Seniors are required to visit each type of booth once, but are only required to make purchases at some of them. The volunteers at the booths will help you out.

At the different booths you’ll have to make some big, real life decisions, like what kind of house you want to buy, or if you’d rather rent; what type of car you want; how much money you want to put aside for retirement and vacations and savings. You’ll also have to purchase insurance for your housing and vehicle.

Your Credit Score, which affects how much you have to pay on your mortgage and car each month, will be assigned to you at random. The worse your credit score means you will have a bigger loan payment than those who have a good, or high, credit score. If you’d like to improve your credit score, you can visit the credit counseling booth.

As you make spending decisions, remember that the purpose of this fair is to simulate REALITY. Ask yourself what you really want your life to be like in 5 or 10 years. Think about your current spending habits: how do you think you will make decisions years down the road? There are no right or wrong decisions in this fair: we just want you to see what life is really like! If you need some extra money, you can visit the financial counseling booth, which will be located in the center of the gym. Here you can get a second job or just budgeting advice. Once you have visited all the booths and have filled out your spending plan, go to the financial counseling booth and find a volunteer. We will all be wearing maroon T-Shirts with the Adulting logo so we’ll be easy to find. The volunteers will look over your spending plan and talk with you about the different decisions you made. Also if you need ANY help with your spending plan during the fair, track one of us down and we can give you a hand. When the fair’s over, you’ll be required to hand your Spending Plan in to a teacher, so make sure that you have your name on it and don’t lose it!