Montrose U Leadership Class

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Because the quality of a community depends on the capability of its leaders.

Montrose U Leadership Class creates a legion of leaders who understand Montrose past and present and intend to fully participate in its future. Alumni are prepared to confidently meet existing challenges through the development of leadership competencies to navigate solutions, broker difficult interactions, and lead organizations skillfully, while nurturing relationships built during the nine month course.  

Montrose U Leadership is EPIC 

Encouraging - Engagement

Preparing - People

Imparting - Ideas   

Creating - Connections

As a class participant you can expect to: 

  • Learn the Uncompahgre Valley History including the leadership, vision, and compromises required for us to be the community we are today

  • Have a knowledge of your own leadership style and how to work with other leadership styles for the good of the community

  • Meet local government leaders including City Council, County Commissioners, your Representative, and Senator and others who serve in many capacities 

  • Gain an education about local challenges and accomplishments from education, healthcare, water rights, agriculture, manufacturing, and others

  • Know the election process and what it takes to run for office

  • Learn Robert's Rules and the responsibility of serving on a board or directors

  • Have the knowledge to be a Director or person who answers to a Board of Directors

  • Know your own passions and what opportunities exist to serve our community that fit in your wheelhouse

  • Be able to mentor the next leadership classes in Montrose

  • Learn about our tax base, such as Tabor, Gallagher, Amendment 23, and be able to explain the tax base to others