970 Studio

The 970 Studio 

The 970 Studio will be a collaborative workspace open to local businesses and high school students to build community relationships with one another, while working on mutually beneficial projects. The studio will help students transition into, and experience, the workforce through student internships and job opportunities. The space will be equipped with the necessary tools and resources to be able to work on projects related to graphic design, web design, social media, photography, video production, and audio production.  Until now students did not have access to these tools and resources after school hours, on the weekends, or during the summer. 970 Studio will provide students that opportunity and businesses and non-profits that resource. The space itself will be donated by the Proximity Space in Montrose and will be housed inside Proximity Space at 210 East Main Street. The 970 Studio program will be managed by the Montrose Chamber of Commerce.

Past Director of Creativity of the Montrose Chamber of Commerce, Kelsey Doering, thinks that, “The 970 Studio is important for High School students because it gives them real world experience with real customers. It gives them a setting to work on people interaction skills as well as project management and portfolio building. To have a public space to meet with their clients is incredibly valuable, to not only the student, but the client as well.” Some of the projects local business and non-profits can seek help with are: professional head shots, logo design, brochures, social media, pamphlets, professional presentations, business cards, audio recordings, video recordings and so much more.

Sponsorship Levels:
     Sustainable Supporter: $1,000 annual contribution
     Bridge Builder: $2,500
     Community Connector: $5,000

Please make checks payable to the Montrose Chamber of Commerce. All donation amounts welcome. Receive 10 free hours of design work for every $1,000 donated.

For donations, scheduling the 970 Studio space, or setting up an appointment with a design interns please contact:

Juliet Carr, Montrose Chamber of Commerce Executive Director at 9702495000 / juliet@montrosechamber.com 


Kathlyne Gaber, High School Digital Arts Coordinator at 9702496636 ext 4346 / kathlyne.gaber@mcds.org 

Sponsorship Recognition 

Thank you to our First Community Connector $5000 Sponsor, David Mize!

Thank you to Cynthia Harwood!

Thank you PEER Kindness

Thank you Debi Harmon at 20 Sleeps West

Please donate now to 970 Studio!