Hannah Bass, Director of Marketing

Hannah Bass, Chamber of Commerce

Hannah Bass was born in Montrose and raised on a ranch where she learned about strong work ethics at a young age.  After graduating in 2014, her curiosity led her down a few different career paths ‒ photography, videography, gemology and ultimately business. When Hannah began a career in tourism, she enjoyed connecting with people from all different walks of life.  While having the opportunity to participate in the VisitMontrose campaign, she grew a passion for marketing against the status quo.

Hannah interned with Making Colorado where she promoted Montrose culture and aided in creating the most recent Colorado branding.  As a young leader, she participated in Miss Teen Colorado and served as the student advisor on the Vista Charter School Board of Directors.

Hannah joined the Montrose Chamber of Commerce team as Director of Marketing. In her spare time, you can find her relaxing with family and friends and exploring the outskirts of town.  She is always up for a new adventure.