Kate Adams, Community Manager

Kate Adams

Kate Adams was born and raised in Montrose, Colorado. After graduating in 2013, instead of pursuing her aeronautical degree, she left Colorado in search of new experiences. She lived in San Antonio, TX and Fort Bragg, NC, then moved backed to Montrose for its perfect fit of her lifestyle. Kate found herself working on Main Street running small businesses. With a growing love for Main Street, she joined the DDA board and volunteered to organize three different Main Street events for the community to enjoy.

Kate has a shared position as Community Manager for Proximity Space, the Montrose Chamber of Commerce and the City of Montrose. Kate runs the Main Street Banner program and is a committee member of the DART board.

Kate has naturally always been the leader of the pack, captain of the ship, conductor of the band, ringleader of the circus or warden of the asylum. Being fully functional in the chaos, Kate keeps a very active lifestyle with close friends. She enjoys boating, playing in the snow, participating in volleyball and training in the gym.