Coffee with God

Originally published on January 5, 2019 by the Montrose Daily Press.

We are promised that if you surrender your life to Jesus, Jesus and you will live happily ever-after on Earth and Heaven. Right? Sounds a bit fairytale-ish. He chases after our untamed hearts when we stray. He loves fully, forgives graciously and protects us for all eternity. I’m all for a good love story, especially ones where the characters live happily-ever in their perfect Heavenly home.

Yet, when we find ourselves in the messy middle between getting “saved” and going home to be with Jesus in Heaven, we feel a little like Cinderella without a fairy godmother.

You have probably heard someone say, “Spend time with God daily.” But our normal life is full of distractions. Our Bible collects dust on our nightstand and we do our best to throw a few good night prayers in God’s direction.

Some time ago, I tired of breaking commitments to “spend more time with God.” I realized that I really didn’t know how to spend time with God. Serendipitously, I heard one of my pastors discussing having coffee with God every morning. He dove deep into the details of his morning ritual. Then I heard others share their routines. Near the same time, I listened to an audiobook about routines of “successful people.” Guess what successful people do? They do the most important thing first thing in the morning, before emails, kids, work, grocery lists or “Birdbox” can get in the way.

I vowed to get up 20 minutes earlier the next day. I dug out a devotional I had purchased in one of my many failed efforts to spend time with God. I laid it, my Bible, a journal and a pen on an end table next to the living room recliner. I prepared the coffee so all I would have to do is hit “brew” the next day.

And you know what? It worked. Years after that first morning coffee date with God, I find myself excited to tiptoe out of bed to my recliner with a hot cup of coffee. I now get up one or two hours before I have to be anywhere just for the time with Him. I tell Him my dreams, my pain, my successes. I smile with Him and learn more about Him through His written word and His soft whispers to my heart. The world outside might be dark and cold in those moments, but God’s “light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)

Because this is such a beautiful thing in my life, I want you to have it, too. Below is a detailed list of my “Coffee with God” routine. Should you find something you can adopt into your routine great; should you not, great.

1. Get up earlier than the rest of the house. If you have teenagers, you’ve got all morning … if you have a baby … Godspeed.

2. Get a cup of coffee/tea/something cozy that you want to curl up around.

3. Settle in to a comfy place in your home — a recliner or your bed — if no one else is in it. Look out the window or gaze into a fire. A place of peace, not panic (like a view of last night’s dirty dishes). Be alone with God. Leave your phone in another room.

4. Pick a daily guide for reading the Bible (like a devotional). I’ve used Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” and “Jesus Always” for years. This year, I am trying Tony Dungy’s new book, “The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge.” Follow the text and the Bible verses the devotional suggests.

5. Pray at any time during this. If you read something that stirs in your heart, stop and pray. I write prayers in my journal along with the scripture or quote that put it on my heart. I talk to Him. And I try to be quiet enough for him to talk to me.

6. If I have extra time, I read one of the 31 Proverbs for the corresponding day (today is the fifth so I would read Proverbs 5). Proverbs is full of God’s wisdom and instruction for our life. It is an owner’s manual to adulthood.

7. Each day, I cultivate joy by writing down three things I am grateful for. Sometimes it is as simple as “a good cup of strong coffee” and sometimes it is as deep as “my father God who pursues my heart even when I do not pursue His.” This begins my day on a positive note.

8. Start the day ready for anything.

“But I will sing of your strength; I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress.” –Psalm 59:16

Chelsea Rosty, a Grand Junction native, is a Univ. of Wyoming alum in Marketing and Economics (to say nothing of being on the university Rodeo Team). She is Director of Business Innovation for the City of Montrose. She serves on several local nonprofits and does Crossfit in addition to her duties as a wife and mother of one. She is active at Grace Community Church.