Purpose, Goals, Mission and Identity

Proximity Space

We Drive Business!

Purpose The Montrose Chamber of Commerce serves as the voice for business in Montrose, Colorado. The purpose of the Chamber is to drive business. The Chamber will also represent the interest of business at all levels of government, provide educational opportunities, partner with other organizations for the betterment of our community, lead the Montrose U Leadership Class and engage in community development activities.    


  • To support, retain, and enhance the success of local businesses and improve the general level of economic health
  • To promote and advocate, at all levels, responsible and responsive government, and provide leadership on high-priority public issues of interest to the business community
  • To perpetuate and encourage ongoing leadership development by leading the Montrose U Leadership Class with support of the City of Montrose
  • To provide an effective, ongoing link with the schools, including K-12 and higher education, in Montrose for the development and enhancement of workforce development
  • To collaborate with public land management agencies to effectively communicate, promote, and enhance sustainable tourism, heritage tourism, and recreational opportunities for Montrose residents and visitors, which in turn will provide increased revenue for local businesses

Mission Montrose Chamber of Commerce, as the unified voice for business in Montrose, is an association of businesses and individuals working together in a cooperative manner, to promote and communicate the interest of business in Montrose County.

Our Chamber Has A Unique Identity! We are located inside Proximity Space (an awesome co-working space) in the heart of downtown Montrose. We embrace a digital format for membership information, brochures, and other material. We pride ourselves on this cutting edge, and environmentally friendly approach. We make ourselves available to our members and guests as a human being to communicate, refer, and answer questions. Our employees collaborate with public and private entities to streamline communication, benefit the business community, and add value to our members' businesses.